Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's Workout

I walked a mile on the treadmill, then jogged one mile.  Toward the end, took it up to a running effort.  My legs feel good.  The quads are just a bit stiff, but actually less stiff than they were for the Monkey Hills Marathon.

I had a conversation with my pacer last night that managed to assuage my worries one less click down.

It's not much, but worrying is a huge stress and an energy depleter.

The bright spot I have going is the Reverse Ring.  71 miles of the Massanutten Trail, in virtually the same weather and similar terrain to last weekend.  If I can manage my body better in this event, it will give me much better confidence for going out west.

I will do a few things different for RR.  I will wear my mask over my mouth for the whole trail.  I will use my Advair compliantly.  I may also use my albuterol on a scheduled basis, on the trail.

I do have an appointment with my doctor next week, before the RR, to discuss whatever findings my PFT might have uncovered.  My pacer was of the same mindset that I am, my condition isn't something that begins at the start of a workout, I'm not sure what the PFT results may give me.

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