Sunday, February 5, 2012


I feel like a tightly wound spring.  I am coiled, drawing energy within me, waiting to release it.

No, it's not so much "the taper" as  I have not tapered down for this event.  I did revise my hill repeats of the past Thursday, and bagged it after three, just getting 8 miles in for that day. My longest run was last weekend, 18 miles on sloppy trails at CVNP.

I won't run a if any..I hope to get a run in on Monday.  I leave for my event on Thursday.  (Run is daybreak Friday.) So I guess I am tapering..

Am I ready for this? As much as I could be. I know exactly what I am getting into. I've ran this 25+ mile loop (ONCE) last year.  Lots of climb, lots of descent.

And it is loops.  That, in itself, is the most dangerous game.

I am looking forward to starting Loop Three. That is almost the Victory Loop. Meaning, if when I start Loop 3, there is no turning back. 

Looking at my prepared splits, on my Loop Three, that will start in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I'm going to have make sure I have the prepared idea of some nice food and beverage to fuel up with, and keep going, for Loop Three.  I'm going to be buying some instant Starbucks Coffee, and some soups, that I can use the JetBoil with, to instantly heat water.  So while noodles are cooking, and coffee is brewing, I can change any clothing needs, nibble on cookies, eat some hot soup, and then get the hell back out there.

The loop is totally self supported. I'm still trying to figure out how to carry my maltodextrin, with only one water source on the course to hydrate at. If that is my biggest problem, that is great.

This whole event is a training run in itself, to test out gear; to test out myself; to test out a bit of elevation here on the East Coast.  This can no way simulate HR conditions, but being a self-supported run, it has to bring out some cojones.

The weather forecast is looking GREAT.   Okay, figure a bit colder on top of the ridges, but now I am making sure I have S! Caps for each loop, and enough water for each loop.

Is it Thursday yet?

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