Friday, March 2, 2012

Five For Friday

1. Clean Eating begins today.  Went grocery shopping yesterday and scored some nice fruits and vegetables.  It's back to eating quality not quantity!

2. MMT is in 2 months!  I dragged out my manila folder yesterday, and reviewed the aid station and distances between, along with the course description.  I made a few notes since the course is still fresh in my head.

3. Weight-still up about 6 pounds, but not concerned.  I did have fries with that bacon cheeseburger yesterday, and then a citrus soy sauce (Ponzu) on my salmon last night.  The Clean Eating will help with this.

4. Recovery-is going well.  Legs feel great!  I'm not all that tired at the end of the day.  But I am being patient. I think I will walk a few miles on the treadmill after work today.  I work all weekend, so that is almost a built in workout limiter.  I had the sniffles and sore throat for a few days, but it hasn't turned into a full blown cold, so I am grateful.

5. Attitude-I have my positive attitude back.  Most important!  I struggled after The Wild Oak Trail.  Now I feel like myself again, I will train to the best of my ability, and have at it.

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