Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anallyzing the Splits

So I have dredged up the papers from the Massanutten 2011..

I have found my original pages, with my SWAG splits, with my actual splits written next to..

It's interesting to see where I was, at points, in the race.

I did have a stellar 2nd half, as Mongold pointed out.  But at that point too, I picked up both crew and a pacer. So I had fresh legs with me, and now I was eliminating ALL time in the aid stations.

I really was.  I was instructed, per my pacer, to check into the Aid Station, and get out.  That was all I needed, having a crew.

I checked in, pretty much yelling "do you have my number?  No, I don't need anything."  (Hopefully I also said thanks!) and then Jill, my awesome crew person, handed me fresh cold bottles, and OFF we went to the next aid station.

I passed twenty-five runners at the Camp Roosevelt Aid Station, by virtue of having a crew. I checked in and out, got my stuff from crew, and went on down the trail. It doesn't get any easier than that to pass people!

This year, without a crew (so far)  14 AS x 5 minutes= 70 minutes.

Ouch.  So, I could, potentially, just add this to my 2011 finish time of 31.50.  So 2012 could be 33.00 hours flat, solo.

I would still be okay with that.  I've started to look at splits.  I think I can improve on splits from the first half of the race slightly. The course is very fresh in my mind right now, since Reverse Ring.  For the second half, I used my own splits from last year.

I may try to get someone to crew me. I have driven the roads in the MMT area and they are not bad to navigate to the various spots of the MMT race aid stations.  I would rather give up the "solo" division characteristic to be able to navigate in and out out of the aid stations more efficiently.

I still am planning on running MMT without a pacer.   I don't need a pacer at MMT.  I know the course, and I can self-motivate myself throughout the course. 

MMT, although beloved, is not the goal race this year. Hardrock is.  So all MMT prep is all good work and prep for the HR.

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