Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emerald Mile 5k

I happened to be in Cincinnati for the wine festival and saw there was a local 5k at Newport on the Levee. It was for a good cause, to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

I ran over to Newport, on the Purple People Bridge, over the Ohio River. I picked up my long sleeved shirt and wore it, as it was about 30 degrees out.  I then went out and ran another 1.5 miles as a warm up. 
The race starts in Newport, right at the bridge. Which is unfortunate, because its really crowded in the first section.

we head into Ohio, toward Yeatsmam Cove, and then we turn and are next to the river and the Serpentine Wall.  MIle one was 9.14 according to the Garmin.
We continue thru Bicentennial Park, which is very nostalgic for me, as its been years since I have been here. It is still crowded om the course, and I am still darting around people. MIle 2 was a 9.26.  Now we are heading back toward the bridge, which is the slight incline.  I start to increase pace.
when we start the bridge, I look at a guy in front of me and start to reel him in Then I look for someone else to follow in.
I crest the bridge and try to catch the guy in front of me I can see the Finish Sign, and I try to pump my arms as much as I can.
I see the time as 28.22 and I am done! Well, that didn't take much time!  then I remembered that was gun time, so my Garmin read 27.54.
Not too bad for a little speedwork after an evening of wine fasting. I then ran back to the hotel and went swimming, so I had about 6 miles of running and some relaxation wedged into my weekend.

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