Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday

1. Seed Starting-I've go the Cayenne and the Thai Hot Peppers started.  I'm sure I need to get a few others started, need to consult my list.  I want to grow mainly heirloom plants this year, so I can save my seeds to start next year

2. DC Rainmaker on IM Talk!  One of my favorite bloggers on one of my favorite podcasts!

3. Training Weekend- this is a 5k/50K weekend.  The husband is away, so I'm kind of free to do what I want.  My plans are to run the 5K in the AM, then head over to the park to run at least 14 more, with the provision to jump onto trails also.
Then a Fat Ass 50K "up north" on Sunday.  I'm hoping to get some nice miles in on Saturday, and the 50K Sunday.  The weather looks awesome.

4. Daffodils-this early spring warm temperatures really has the little blooms popping up all over.  I have a new patch spotted in the park, so will take my camera (and maybe shovel) in case it looks like a new variety to my eyes.

5.  Happy St Patrick's Day!   I don't know what makes all of us non-Irish want to be Green for the day, nor why there are so many "Shamrock Shuffles" organized for this day, but
hey, enjoy your green beer and Shuffle for the day!

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