Friday, March 30, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  My Dog Tino- is home again.  He had 4 different tumors removed-mast cell tumors, the same type Sandal had (and the most common for dogs).  It appears the surgery did remove all the cancer, but these could pop up again. I really didn't like this sentence: Prognosis: guarded and poor, long term.

2. Her name is Alice- she's a black and tan German Shepherd puppy, and she joins us next Thursday.

3. REI 20% Coupon-how come these show up when I don't have an item on my shopping list? I've got a wind/rain jacket, rain pants, hat, new running shoes, Jet Boil; I'm good with my current running tops and bottoms, sleeping bag.
Do I look at the backpacks for children?
Yes, laugh if you will. But I have a very short torso-quite hobbit-like.  The G2 Pack I bought  I like, but it hits me in the neck and also low on the back, just a little too uncomfortable for my liking.

4.  Balance-it's been a fine line this week, with the dog issues and working.  Next week is also 6 work days in a row. And a new puppy. And training. I've rearranged my long run for next weekend to NOT go to the Laurel Highlands but go to Mohican instead.

5.  Weekend Racing-this weekend, there are two races going on-the Umstead 100 Mile Race, and the Barkley. Kind of like total opposite ends of the spectrum.  I am looking forward to following both races as I work all weekend long!

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