Monday, March 5, 2012

New Shoes

I got the Montrail Bajadas out of the box finally for a run today.

I had read Bryon's review of the Bajada last year on the I Run Far website; and I had tucked away the info for future purchase.

I knew my beloved Montrail Vitesse would be wearing out sometime soon, and I needed some options for Massanutten and Hardrock.

The Vitesse never made it home from the mountains.  The right shoe upper ripped open.  I knew it was time for them to go.  Rest in peace, Little Vitesse, you served me well.

Alas, the Bajadas arrived on Thursday, at my house, before I left for Virginia.  But as I was not returning home on Thursday, I left for Virginia straight from work,  the shoes languished in their box until today.


When I discarded the tissue paper stuffing from the shoes, and put them on, I was astonished at how light they were! 

The Montrail Vitesse was 11 oz, the Bajada is 8.5 oz.

I only wore these for my "around the block" 10K route.  My back roads are pretty much dirt and gravel, so many times during the winter I can wear trail shoes on this rough road.
It's still winter here in Ohio.  A pretty day out, but it got a bit windy on the ridge when I climbed.

 The shoes felt good.  My shins were a bit tight in the first mile or so, but I think that was me, not the shoes.  It passed first test of comfort. Now they need some trail miles.  They also need some rocky miles to trial also before they accompany me to MMT.  I am hoping to get over to Laurel Highlands this month sometime to give them a proper test out!

Remind me to lose these glasses soon.

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