Sunday, March 4, 2012

Race Week!

Yes, I have a race planned!

I am going to run the Emerald Miles 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, March 10.  This is a fund-raising event that benefits the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

Emerald Miles is our annual 5K (3.10685 Miles) run/walk fundraiser. The race starts at Newport on the Levee, crosses over the Purple People Bridge, takes participants through Sawyer Point, along the Ohio River and back to Newport on the Levee.

 I will be in Cincinnati for the Wine Tasting Festival.  It's about one mile or so, from our hotel,  to Newport on the Levee, so I can run over, run the 5K, and then run back to the hotel.  So I can rack up 6 or so miles in the morning, depending on what scenic downtown route I take back to the hotel.

The hotel also has a pool (yes I am a country bumpkin, I don't get to swim much) so I am looking forward to hitting that up after my little race!

Then, back to the wine tastings!

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