Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Training Week

Good weather makes it much easier to plan your workouts for the week.

For example, this week, it's looking like outside workouts ALL WEEK LONG.

I work the late shift, which I don't like to work, but it actually allows me to get in (usually) longer workouts in.

On my way home from town this morning, I drove over to a hill I used to do repeats on.  It's 0.8 miles long! Whee! I have found a new hill for repeats on.  It's not too terribly a busy road, so I should be able to use the road and not get hit by a car.  That is the plan for tomorrow morning.

Thursday morning will be the 10K around the block.
Friday morning, because I will also need to take the dogs on the 1K walk, will be 4 miles around the block.

Saturday morning I am  running the local YMCA "Shamrock Shuffle".  For  a brief moment, I thought about driving over to Pittsburgh for the JC Stone 50K race.  Then I rethought that.  I want to make sure I get my dogs out for their playtime.  If I went to Pittsburgh I would be gone all day.

But I then decided there was no reason I couldn't get in some miles on Saturday.  The plan is to run a 5K warm up; then run the 5K race. Then drive over to Salt Fork, and run my loop on the back roads.  This is a 7 mile loop, so I can just run it twice.  That will give me about 20 miles for the day.

I am also planning on jumping off the road, and onto the Buckeye Trail at SF.  The BT is on part of the road section of the park here, and I've not followed it back into the woods.  So maybe I will follow the BT for a bit and then retrace my steps.

Sunday I am going to Hinckley for the 2nd Annual Buzzard Day Fat Ass.

And today?  I'm going out for my 11 mile around the block. I'm looking forward to short sleeves and running skirt today!

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