Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Valley to the Ridgeline

One of these days-maybe later today-I'll get my Garmin software reinstalled on the computer so I can recreate my elevation on my route.

I had a very nice run today.  Sunny, temperature about sixty, although a bit windy on the last few miles right into a headwind.

I ran the hills again. On this road, there is a one mile hill. Some of it has some climb, then a bit of a plateau, then more climb. This is the first time I've ever run up the entire hill. Well, actually, I did more than that. The road ends, and I turn onto another road, so I actually ran up to the crest of the ridgeline.
I ran many of the small hills on this course. It felt good. I feel like I've gotten much stronger as a runner out here on my climbs.
I had to break up the black with some pink
Yes, my cheeks and headband do match nicely
It became congested on the last hill. An Amish buggy came by right as I turned onto the last road, with the last 1/2 mile hill. I then caught up to the buggy, finally passing it on the slope. Now it's time to go outside and do some yard clean up and enjoy this last week of winter!

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