Friday, April 6, 2012

Alice Update

I sit here on the couch, surrounded by 3 dogs.  It's good to say "3 dogs" again.  Condi and Alice are sleeping on the couch next to me, Tino is at my feet.

It's been a bit stressful 24 hours.  The two dogs accepted her, but want to "play" and are a bit rough in their play.

Dennis took Alice to the vet for her first check up and the other two seemed to accept her a bit better on this next homecoming. 

Alice is in great health.

I have stayed around the homestead today, my workout was my treadmill at its highest incline 12%. I eventually got the speed to 4.0 MPH as I watched some show called "Big, Bigger, Biggest".  This was about how the biggest prison was built.  Mild  interesting but better than anything else I have found on the TV during this time.

I would touch the side rails and have to smack myself down to NOT hold  on. 

A good workout for an hour.  Tomorrow, though, I do need to get the 11 mile around the block in.  And then Sunday I will go run 50K at Mohican.  I have to fit the miles in when I can.

Eating has been better too.

I'm very cognizant of my countdown to HR AND MMT.

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