Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Early Spring

The weather has returned to the usual Ohio weather, 33 degrees F when I started my run this morning.

This was another "around the block" 10K;  I was more tired than yesterday but ran it two minutes faster, go figure.

I wanted to get 2 more 10Ks in this week, but Tino goes to the vet early to have his stitches removed so tomorrow will be a no run day before work.  I hope this is when I get all my aid station gear packed (it is gathered) for the Mohican weekend.

So if I count Sunday-and anymore, I don't really recall if I start my "week" on Sunday or Monday, I've got 44 miles in for the week.  I will get some more miles on Saturday, at the latest, marking trail, and then probably will go back and proof trail (make sure the markings are still there) later in the evening.

Yay! I managed a blog update.  Now I need to eat breakfast and pack lunch.  I need to pack more food because I have been ravenous lately-but I have been making good food choices.

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