Thursday, April 12, 2012


I really like to read the daily blog posts from Endurance Corner.  It is mainly a triathlon site; but endurance training is endurance training.

Wednesday's post particular hit home, written by Sam Doolittle, especially the line:

 “train as much as I can consistently train” 

 I've been doing well with this.  I really don't have the athlete's guilt going on about missed workouts. If I can't get the workout in, due to dogs, work, schedules, then I move on.

What I have been good at, is doing it. Doing the workouts.  I was pretty tired headed out on my Wednesday run,  but I didn't even think about not doing it, or cutting it short.  About mile 3, I actually started to feel pretty good, and finished it two minutes quicker than my usual time.

So today was a planned 10K run, but due to family commitments it is now a 1K dog walk.  It will also be my time to get my all my gear and clothing packed for the Mohican weekend, so I guess I better get moving!!

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