Sunday, April 8, 2012

RD Race Race Report

Rob Powell hosted the annual RD Race for the "Forget the PR" 50K Volunteers.  This is  for the folks who are working the 25K and 50K race next weekend, to run the course and earn a belt buckle.

A light turn out of people but that was ok.  Ron Dukes and Rob were our roving aid station.

Everyone followed the 50K course with a few people bowing out slightly early.

The 50K course goes up Big Ass Hill, over Gasline Hill, and  you follow the jeep road to the Fire Tower.

At the Fire Tower, the 50K runners go off to the Bridle Trail, which takes you to Bridle Staging Area.

We then pick up what was the "pre-2009" Mohican 100 Trail Race "Red Green Loop".

My, it was nice to be back on this loop.   I have not run on these trails least 2008.  It was very nostalgic for me.  I thought back to old friends and incidents that happened out there.

I also corrected the runners in front of me as they just about began one section backwards.

Two runners finally understood I knew actually where I was at all times on the section and stayed with me.

We got back to the Fire Tower in about 4 hours 50 minutes, mile 19'ish, not bad as we were not trying for any particular time.

At this point, the 50K runners will now follow the course that the 25K runners completed. (The two races split at the Fire Tower at mile 5.)

It is a short run down to the Covered Bridge, and we start the Purple Loop.  More people are now out on this section, where Big and Little Lyons Falls are located.

It's a quick loop, and now we're back on the unending trek through Campground B, back to Hemlock Gorge Trail and North Rim  Trail.

Julie  fixed us a fantastic meal-RIBS, green beans, rice and beans, pasta salad.  I inhaled my food, it was delicious.

A wonderful day on the trail at Mohican.  Of course, I don't think I've ever had a bad day on the trails of Mohican!!

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  1. what a fabulous day, kim - running + social time with friends is the best!! you are so lucky to have access to those trails!


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