Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Running News

Well, not for me. I've been working all weekend.

The sad news: Micah True's body was found Saturday, after a 4 day search:

 SILVER CITY ---- Micah True was found dead at about 6 p.m. Saturday in the Gila National Forest after four days of searching.
True, a renowned 58-year-old ultra-marathon runner from Boulder, Colo., who was reported as missing in the Gila Wilderness when he failed to return from a run Tuesday morning, was found by searchers near Woody's Corral, just one mile southeast of the Gila Cliff Dwellings, according to Incident Commander Tom Bemis.

Bemis said that two of True's friends found his body and that the cause of death is unknown at this point.
"It's too early to say, there was nothing obvious," he said.

Two races are happening this weekend, the Umstead 100 Race in Raleigh North Carolina, and the Barkley, in Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee.  It's been pretty easy getting Facebook updates on friends at Umstead.

Barkley updates have been limited to the Twitter updates by a few folks.  That's also been kind of the mystique also, following online, just with the sporadic Tweets from the field.  Although I was a little freaked out by all the cameras out there in the campground.  As of last I heard, Beverly Anderson Abs was on Loop Two with her husband, Alan Abs.  There are three other females that started the race-I do not know who they are. But Beverly is a very good-even elite-runner-I am rooting for her to either FINISH the race, or get a Fun Run completed.   It's been since 2001 since a female has finished a Fun Run (three loops of the Barkley).

Well, it's off to work for me and utilize my social media for race updates!

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