Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ants in My Pants

Or, Try Not to Kill Myself Before Saturday

I decide to go out for my usual 10K around the block. I want to use the trekking poles on some uphills again just to..feel better about them. 

Everything is going well.  No Scooter dog, no Gump dog.  I climb up the big hill, about 3 miles in, crest the hill, pick up the poles, and start running.

WHAM! I am down, hitting on my right elbow and knee and hand...the same side I fell on at Raccoon Creek Park last week.  I roll over and stare at the rock jutting up in the dirt road.

WTF?  I've run this loop probably 40 times or so.  Some in the dead of winter, with ice, and snow, and mud. I've never fallen.  And now?

I'm a bit shook up so I walk down the road a bit.  Nothing seems to be broken.  I've got a bit of road rash and some fresh bruises.  Well, at least I will show up at MMT "pre-bruised" and scratched, so I shouldn't look  too different after the race.

Second Brush with Death

Well, maybe not death, maybe just an asshole.

I am running up the State Route that I live on. I am on the right hand side of the road, because the left side has absolutely no berm (it hugs the hill.)   I have, 30 seconds previous, yanked my headphones off and placed in a pocket.

Dunlap Creek Road is a RIGHT HAND TURN from the State Route.  Yes, you can just VEER onto it.

But I am crossing the road. I hear a vehicle behind me.  RIGHT behind me.  Some asshole in a truck has just turned, RIGHT behind me.  I continue to run across the road yelliing

"Thanks alot you FUCKING ASSHOLE"+!!!"

I don't know whether he heard me (he probably did, I was pissed and loud) or my facial expression.  His brake lights came on.

I kept going, as there was another truck behind Asshole Truck.  I thought, you asshole, just try it. I'm the one carrying pointy trekking poles.  I'll put one through your heart or better yet, your truck.

Interestingly enough, there were some kids on an ATV in a side yard that slowed down to see the festivities.  Asshole carried on, and I ran up the hill, all the way home.

So, my little run around the block that was supposed to  help with my taper nerves?   Not so much.

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