Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Two days off from cardio and my IT band is feeling much better.  I've been stretching.

 I barely felt it on my feet all day, and I didn't feel it during the  night.  That's how much it had been throbbing.

I had a great workout today. One hour climbing on the stairmaster/climbing thing at the gym, followed by some upper body weights, followed by my stretching routine.  The IT band seems pretty quiet after this.

So maybe I was just a bit too enthusiastic over the weekend.  Who knows.  I think I am walking a fine line right now, of needing to train, yet still having to remember I *just* ran a 100 mile race two weeks ago, that my body is still somewhat beat up from.

I am starting to have the full mental swings about HR.  Thinking about MMT for the last six weeks had kind of sublimated them down.  Now it's HR, 24/7.  

At some point, I will write about all my feelings  for HR 2012.  It will be good to get them out of my system.

Perhaps that will be the post I publish as I leave Ohio for the West.

 After I get on that plane for Colorado, my blog shifts to "living the dream".   Running and hiking with my friends, with that to be the plan all day, then recover, then do it again, and again.with no responsibility other than to acclimate to the conditions of the mountains..and then culminate this big dirt bagging trip with the most beautiful trail run in the United States?  That to me, is "living the dream".  I alternately can't wait for the date and wish I had four more months to train.


  1. you are living the dream! I wish you could have more time to train just so I could live through your training.

    I hope that IT band stays quiet and peaceful.

  2. I am very excited for you Kim. Be well and train hard.


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