Saturday, May 5, 2012

Drop Bag Day

Today was the day I assembled the drop bags. They are "mostly" done.  I still have to wait for my windbreaker to dry, and I won't buy my pecan pie from WM until Wednesday.

Drop bag assembly is always more complicated than it needs to be.  I had my lists ready to go.

Well, first I had to measure my main fueling source, malto dextrin, into bottles for the drop bags.

Then I had to find items. Like my pink visor and my CrossLites (attic and plant room, respectively.)

I feel like I have alot of "stuff" but most of the drop bags contain little more than a bottle of Malto dextrin, a baby wipes (actually 2) and a solid snack of food.  I found at Reverse Ring I was having more bathroom stops than I liked, hence putting some solid food in me between AS.

I  have clothing and shoe options at Camp Roosevelt (mile 63) and Gap Creek (miles 68.7 and 95.)  The clothing and shoes are "just in case".  The temperature could drop into the night hours and  I might need long sleeves, even gloves and a hat.  I did not get cold at all last year (in fact, with all the climbs, I never really did even cool off.)

I have a lot of calories available, but I am going to keep my time in aid stations to a minimum, since I am in the solo division this year. That means I have no pacer, no crew, and only accept help from the actual AS volunteers.  My plans are to grab my drop bag, get my maltodextrin fuel, refill the hydration bladder, and be on my way.  

I will eat food off the AS table, especially soups as the miles wear on. But with fueling mainly with my own MD, I'm not spending time browsing the great AS tables that the MMT Race provides.

I do have two spots where I will be eating the AS food provided: the famous Pesta chowder, on Bird Knob, and then grabbing a Quatro sandwich wrap-wrapped and ready to go-at the Picnic Area.

Not long till I have these treats now!


  1. I better get my act together.
    I wasn't going to do this till Wednesday.

  2. you're looking very organized, kim, and sounding excited! love the photo of everything laid out on the bed - that's how i organize, too!


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