Monday, May 21, 2012

The I Post

NO, not the ibuprofen post. That should be a whole post of its own, one day.  (Note to self)

Actually, "I" could either stand for Injury or IT Band.

No, I am not injured.

But my IT band has woke up again.

It's been asleep for a long time.  Occasionally, after a 50K or so, it may ache a little bit.

My knee hurt last night, to the point whenever I woke up, I could feel knee pain. I was hoping it was just residual bruises, as it's the same knee that I have fallen on three times in the last month.  

But no, as the work day went on, I could feel it was at the insertion point of the knee, of the IT Band.

I went to the gym, did not climb, focused on upper arms.  The IT twinged as I moved about.

I came home and stretched, the best  I could with a 29 lb German Shepherd puppy biting me in the face.

And I am going to continue to stretch. Once upon a time, I was a champion stretcher. I had a nice 15 minute routine, and lots of flexibility.  I've turned into more of a curmudgeonly stiff runner.

I'm going to get the flexibility back. I am going to stretch the IT Band.

Thoughts of an injury has never entered my mind, for a long time.  Perhaps since my original IT Band injury in 2006 or so. I've been very healthy. I mean to keep it there!


  1. Head it off before it becomes an issue. Being smart isn't always the easiest to do. In fact I think I need to do a little more stretching myself. Great reminder.

  2. WALT REYNOLDS IT BAND SPECIALS. They take a little maneuvering to figure out, but you will FEEL it when you are doing it right, and it will save your bacon -- even more effectively than the foam roller.

    Keep the weight on the inside of your foot that's higher/on the step. Stick your butt on the higher/step side way out to the side. Concentrate on pulling down on the lower leg side leg.


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