Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm Almost Outta Here

It's the eve of leaving town.  I just about forgot to make a final blog post,with working late and adding last minute items to my list.

Slim posted this list earlier.  This is a list of all the Ohio finishers of the MMT 100:

OH24:41:00 Regis Shivers Jr1999M28
OH25:11:25 Jim Harris2011M46
OH25:52:10 Jim Harris2010M45
OH26:34:28 Kevin Martin2010M39
OH27:08:00 T J Hawk2002M44
OH27:12:15 David Peterman2007M44
OH27:41:38 Lloyd Thomas2009M37
OH27:49:50 Jim Harris2007M42
OH27:54:00 Regis Shivers Sr1999M50
OH28:27:00 John Nichols1997M33
OH28:33:00 Greg Trapp2006M43
OH28:46:29 David Corfman2011M48
OH28:46:29 David Peterman2011M48
OH28:50:00 Greg Trapp2005M42
OH29:03:00 David Peterman2006M43
OH29:10:00 Regis Shivers Jr1998M27
OH29:21:26 Greg Trapp2010M47
OH29:25:00 Roy Heger2006M51
OH29:26:30 Bob Combs2011M44
OH29:34:00 Bob Combs2006M39
OH29:38:38 David Peterman2010M47
OH29:43:00 Jerry Brandt2006M33
OH29:44:00 Ronald Ross2002M43
OH29:47:56 Ray Bovaird2010M43
OH29:52:00 Ronald Ross2001M42
OH30:09:06 Bob Combs2010M43
OH30:12:00 Kevin O'Grady1995M36
OH30:15:12 Gabe Rainwater2009M21
OH30:15:54 Greg Trapp2011M48
OH30:25:00 John Nichols1998M34
OH30:44:00 Bob Combs2005M38
OH30:44:00 Jim Harris2005M40
OH30:44:00 Wesley Fenton2000M39
OH31:00:18 Ray Bovaird2011M44
OH31:01:00 Mark Bodamer1999M40
OH31:08:00 Donald Baun1996M46
OH31:12:00 Wesley Fenton2003M42
OH31:14:00 Roy Heger2004M49
OH31:20:54 Bob Combs2008M41
OH31:22:00 John Nichols2006M42
OH31:24:17 Greg Trapp2008M45
OH31:26:00 James Hurley1999M30
OH31:28:00 John Nichols2005M41
OH31:28:11 Roy Heger2011M56
OH31:29:00 Arthur Moore1995M57
OH31:50:00 John Nichols2001M37
OH31:50:27 Kim Love-Ottobre2011F45
OH31:50:30 Roy Heger2009M54
OH31:53:20 David Peterman2008M45
OH31:55:00 Paul Layne2002M40
OH31:57:00 Bob Combs2004M37
OH31:59:59 Greg Trapp2009M46
OH32:06:41 Roy Heger2010M55
OH32:07:11 Roy Heger2008M53
OH32:15:10 Bob Combs2007M40
OH32:22:27 Wesley Fenton2008M47
OH32:29:56 Greg Trapp2007M44
OH32:37:55 Bill Losey2008M36
OH32:51:35 Paul Lefelhocz2011M42
OH32:53:13 Brian Musick2010M29
OH32:57:00 John Marten2006M44
OH33:00:00 Arthur Moore1999M61
OH33:23:00 Roy Heger2003M48
OH33:27:00 Roy Heger1999M44
OH33:32:00 Roy Heger2005M50
OH33:41:00 Greg Schoener1996M36
OH33:41:00 Wesley Fenton2007M46
OH33:51:31 Bill Losey2009M37
OH34:00:00 Roy Heger2000M45
OH34:00:26 David Bushroe2011M46
OH34:01:00 Rob Apple1998M36
OH34:05:23 Roy Heger2007M52
OH34:12:27 Thomas Mays2009M35
OH34:14:00 Frederick Davis III2002M54
OH34:19:20 Bill Losey2011M39
OH34:26:00 Joseph Kowalski2005M37
OH34:31:53 Tom Bauer2008M57
OH34:32:44 Bob Combs2009M42
OH34:33:00 David Schwabenbauer2006M41
OH34:36:28 Mark Calcatera2010M61
OH34:40:00 Robert Lisey2002M52
OH34:44:00 Mel Nowlin2001M40
OH34:48:52 Brandon Russell2011M39
OH34:57:34 Bill Losey2010M38
OH34:58:00 Ray Bovaird2007M40
OH35:02:17 Ray Bovaird2009M42
OH35:06:00 Roy Heger2002M47
OH35:07:50 Mark Calcatera2009M60
OH35:25:00 Bill Losey2003M31
OH35:25:00 Bob Combs2003M36
OH35:26:00 Shane Sampson2004M40
OH35:38:53 Daniel Fox2007M51
OH35:42:03 Stephen Wirick2008M55

Notice anything on this list?

 I'm the only female finisher, from Ohio. Seeing my name on the list of all the Buckeye finishers, it kind of tickled me. Wow! That is/was a big accomplishment!!!

 Well, as Roy Heger (going for MMT # 13 I believe) sez, you are as only as good as your last race.

 I hope this year there are TWO female Buckeye Finishers. Another NEO TC member, Shannon, is running MMT this year. Hopefully there will be two females finishing from Ohio!

My bib number is 111. Easy to remember! And if you would like to follow along, here is the Link!!


  1. all the best to you, kim!! i think your bib # sounds very lucky!!
    congrats on being the sole female finisher. that is indeed an accomplishment to be proud of!

  2. I am the most selfish person in the world. Maybe. I am actually tearing up over this. I feel nervous and excited and jealous. Gee I may also be the most honest person in the world today too. After all the advice you have given me I so wish I could be there volunteering to offer support and help you in return. You are going to have a fabulous adventure out there. Be safe and love it! I'll be stalking and praying for you and all the MMT runners. Then next year (fingers crossed) I'll be out there with you and you, the 2time vet, can lead the way!

  3. You inspire me!! Enjoy your time on the trails!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, kim!! looked up the results and way to go on your solid finish. can't wait to read about your race!


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