Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recovery, Day..Four?

Recovery is the step-child of the training plan.  We carefully plan out our goal race, craft our splits, develop our pacing, our aid station packing, race day nutrition, and then....what?  Sometimes it's a black hole or abyss, after the race ends.

For some, with a target goal race planned and executed, recovery is easy.  You can do whatever you want. Or nothing. Maybe that was your big Race of the year, and now you don't plan to run anything else, for months.

But for others, like me, there always is something else on the horizion, another race in the works.  For this, yes, you do need to recover. But then you also need to jump back into training.

The big question is, WHEN.

And I don't think there is a good answer, other than the "listen to your body" answer. 

I got home Monday, about 4 pm. I slept in Tuesday morning, but had to work my 10 hour shift. That was difficult. I got home and almost immediately went to bed.

I was fortunate enough to have Wednesday as my regular scheduled day off, so I slept in, hiked the property with the dogs, went out for lunch and a movie with the hubby, and prepped my lunches for the next two days.

My body feels pretty good. I am tired. I woke up still kind of tired. But the legs are not that stiff.   The husband even commented that it seems I am recovering quicker.

But I don't want to push it.

I have a list of some things I need to work on for Hardrock, mainly core and upper arms. 

I am also planning on doing some longer hikes, versus runs, in the next month here.  I am going to be doing alot more hiking than running, so I do need to work on my power hiking. I think it would be more valuable time in hiking for 6 hours than a 6 hour run at this point in time.

Meanwhile, I am getting back to healthy eating. I've made salads for work, cut up veggies for work, and now have fresh strawberries from the Amish to eat and also blend into smoothies.

I'm going to sleep more, and I will take time to recover. I don't plan on a workout Thursday or Friday, but I think Saturday will be a good day for a hike and maybe a little running mixed in.

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  1. Always exciting to be able to finish a 100 and then get back to running.

    As far as your goal to be a better hiker than runner.
    Agree that is a good target.
    But also think that you just need to get in the best shape that you can and not worry too much about details.


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