Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tick Tock

Time moves on.

It's been a good recovery week. I did no physical activity until the weekend.

Saturday I resolved to walk 4 miles around the block. Well, I jogged the downhills, most of the flats, and walked the uphills.  Then I weeded the garden, and raked up 4 cartloads of grass clippings for the garden.

Sunday I took the dogs for their walk, then decided I had time to run my 10K around the block before the husband and I went to a matinee.  

I felt fine on the run. Scooter (the dog) joined me for his 1/2 mile or so trot.  I walked most of the uphills and was amused to see my 10K time in the exact normal range that I run it in, maybe two minutes over.  It doesn't seem to change my pace, to run a 10(4) mile race the weekend before.

So it will be a regular work week for me, and then, this is my upcoming weekend to work, so that is always a reduced mileage week. 

So I will play it by ear. I still need to get started on my upper arm work, and my core work. I will tentatively plan out a training schedule for the week, but will listen to my body.  If I am just tanked by the end of the work day, I may change my workout plan.  Note I did not say bail on my workout.  I don't have the luxury of time not to make every day count now.

I really haven't gone into the post MMT analysis, but that's okay.  That will be something I will pull out, with pleasure, in March of 2013, with the idea of drilling down to a sub 30 hour finish (yes, with crew and pacer I believe!)  But that's a whole other post, and an "A" Goal for 2013.

I've just now started to print out other people's splits for Hardrock, and will start to analyze and compare.

That is pretty much what the next month-all 53 days-will be filled with.

Tick tock.

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