Monday, May 28, 2012

Trail Run Today

I got out early this morning, as we were to have company at lunch today.

I parked at the Lodge, and first did one loop of the "Bigfoot 50K" loop.  Then, I started out on the loop again but then just ran side trails as I find three loops of the 50K course kind of boring.

It was a pretty warm day out there.

Yes, I do have awesome calves.

I made sure I stepped into the lake first thing and ran with wet feet the entire time.  We're almost at drought status here; so most of the streams were dried up.  But every chance I found to get my feet wet, I dunked them. (My feet will be wet for the entire Hardrock course.) 

I was keeping an eye on the time, and had to cut my course short as to get back home at noon.  So I got almost 4.5 hours on the trail, running, jogging, hiking.  Good time on my feet.

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