Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ups and Downs

No, not my mental health or confidence level for a change.

Just some road ups and downs.


This is on my 10K route.  It's about 3 miles to the steep hill, where there is just farmland, no houses or dogs to bother me.

I didn't even count them.  I turned on the last IMTalk podcast, and trudged up the hill, and then ran down it as quickly as possible.  Kind of backwards of how most people tackle hill repeats, but I wanted to tax my quads as much as possible.  I had a certain amount of time alloted for the work out, then I began the three miles back to the house.  Wow, now I was tired!

Montrail Bajadas

I wore these exact shoes for the Massanutten 100 Mile Race. They had about 20 miles on them prior to the race.  This is what they look like now!!

I believe a shoe should last more than 140 miles.  I think it is ridiculous how much the uppers are shredded on these shoes.  How am I supposed to keep scree and other rocks out of my shoes with all these wholes in them?

After this blog post is completed, I am going to contact Montrail and hopefully show them my pics.   I want my money back or another pair of shoes. Shoes should last more than 140 miles!!

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  1. kim, i would love to hear how you make out with montrail...please update us, if you wish!! i work for a running store in ontario, and i am always interested in customer service scenarios and stories! i hope you end up a satisfied customer!


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