Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes You Should

I actually got a workout in last evening after work. I was pretty happy about that.  It did mean I got home pretty late, after 8 pm, so the evening was pretty short.  But since I am off work today (schedule change) it was much easier to rationalize in the workout.

We are going out of town today, so I am not sure if a workout will happen. If anything, it will be of the gardening variety, as I need to stake my tomato plants and prune them already. And assemble Wilma the Scarecrow out there.

I am also off Thursday.  I had been thinking on a road trip to trails out of town; then I thought better of it, time wise.  I  am going to do hill repeats on my steep dirt road in order to work out the eccentric movement of the quads.  I am more interested in running the downhills fast than the climbing uphill.

I work Friday, but the late shift, so that is good for my 10K loop.

Saturday I may go for a long run at Salt Fork. There is a 50K race at SF Saturday, called the "Buckeye Buster".  I may do some of my miles on their race course and see if I run into friends out there.

Just trying to get those quality workouts in there right now.

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