Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pacing at Mohican

So this is what it feels like to not be running on a Saturday morning!  I cleaned the bathroom and the living room, and got the rest of my packing organized for the West. I took a rather nice  nap in my hammock outside.

I did not run this morning because I am planning on pacing a runner tonight at the Mohican 100 Race.

Mark is a fellow VHTRC'er.  He kind of fell into the runner bib, because Max, another VHTRC'er became injured and cannot run the race.  Mark emailed me about the race, and I gave him my opinion.  I also mentioned pacing him.  

100 Mile races have "pacers" for safety reasons.  A runner can typically pick up a pacer  about mile 50-60, or up.  Older pacers usually have the option of a pacer at the 30 mile mark.  The safety factor is there, because, as the sun goes down, the runner is tired after so many miles on the feet.

A pacer is supposed to be support.The runner is the one who should be leading.  The pacer is there to talk-or not talk, to make sure the runner is eating and drinking and peeing.  The pacer is not to be carrying the runner's gear or water bottles (referred to as muling) in most races.

My job, when I arrive, is to join  Mark on the trails in the middle of the night.  I will chat him up, tell him stories, jokes, monitor my watch and make sure he is still eating and drinking on a schedule.I will also be quiet if he wants me to. Some runners don't want to hear chatter late in the race.

I wanted to get another long run-or, with pacing, more time on my feet before heading out West.

My plan is to try and get a "bead"on Mark about his mile 50 or so. These days, with technology, it might be more easy.  The Mohican 100 does not have a live update, as many 100 races do.   But cell phone coverage is much better, even in the Mohican State Park/Forrest area.  Mark  tweeted when he came through his first loop in six hours.  I am anticipating a second loop of eight hours due to the heat of the afternoon.

It is only 1.5 hour drive for me to Mohican.  Hopefully I can learn where Mark is on the course, then I can go run him down, either backwards on the course, or chase him down.  That way, I get some running in before I join him.

Late in a race, in a 100 miler, there is much more walking than there is running.  So I need to be prepared with my own water, food, clothing, for a slower night.  Also, it should not need to be mentioned, LIGHTS!!!

I am pretty excited about going to Mohican.  I've been avoiding the race for several years (long story not worth the negative  karma) but getting to the race late in the game will be fun!

I will see many many friends in the 100!  Mark Carroll, who is going to finish for his 10th time this year!  Ron Dukes, who is going to finish his first Mohican!

So I am going back to my lounging here.  I'd like to leave now, for Mohican, but that would expend alot of energy too early.

So, there should be another chatty post tomorrow night about my experience over night!

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