Friday, June 1, 2012

Running in the Sea

I woke up this morning, early, in order to get my 10K in around the block

I immediately didn't want to.

Right away, I thought about Angela.  She would have  been  thrilled to have your body and the ability to go run a 10K around the block.   That was all the incentive that I needed.

I headed out, in the pouring rain, in yesterday's smelly running garb.  About 1/10 of a mile down the road, in the chilly rain, I thought "hey stupid, why don't you put on that rain jacket you've been carrying for six months in your pack."

It poured on me. It was a nice, warm rain.  It felt like I was running in the sea, running in water.

I thought about Angela alot, and cried a little.  I'm glad she is done with her pain now.  I can see running some eight minute miles down the trail, giggling, and smiling her big old smile.

I wore a brand new pair of shoes, La Sportiva Raptors.  They felt good. No complaints.  I also jumped right into the first water puddle I saw, in order to run with wet feet.  I will wear them at Laurel Highlands next week, to see how they are on more rocky terrain than my dirt road about the block.

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