Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week Recap

I've started blog posts all week, but when they turned into rambling blathering, I just deleted them.

I figured I would just do one BIG rambling blather..

The cold I have been fighting all week  has settled in my head.  Maybe it's not a cold, maybe it's just allergies. I am opting for that since my lymph nodes are not swollen or tender.  The nodes were a bit swollen and tender earlier in the week, and I took a rest day from running due to this.

Interview:  Mike Croy from Dirt Dawg's Running Diatribe interviewed me last week.  Many moons ago, I was the co-host of a podcast.  It's always very gratifying to hear that folks really enjoyed our podcast.  I believe we were the first ultra running podcast out there.

Hammock:  I bought a bivy type hammock to sleep in out west.  I finally figured out how to lay flat in it.  It seems comfortable, although I have not slept in it yet.  It gives me/us another option when we are dirtbagging it on trail heads in Colorado.

Planning:  It's getting closer and closer to departure day for the West.  I sorted running clothes this week; winter clothes not going to CO went to the attic; then I was left with a huge pile of clothes, both summer weight and winter clothes, to try and figure out what I need for drop bags AND to wear before the race.
I did discover I don't need to buy any new socks! It seems I have enough to stash in drop bags and to wear.
It was a bit surreal to be writing "Telluride" on Ziplock Bags.

Laurel:  It's race weekend! But I am not racing!  NEO TC is working the first aid station, about mile 11, of the Laurel Highlands Ultra.  This is a point to point, 70.5 mile race on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in Pennsylvania.  There is also a 50K, and relay team options for both distances.

I do have Friday off work, so I am getting up way early to get to Laurel in the morning.  I am going to run from mile 12 to zero, which is the town of Ohiopyle, then back to mile 8, then back to mile zero again.  This will be my last long run/hike before heading West.
Slim will be joining me on the trail, and we hope to have dinner in the Falls Pub with a few other NEO TC runners who are in the race.

Good luck to all the Laurel runners, I hope to remember to take a few camera shots while out on the trail!

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  1. I'm a little bit sad not to be running Laurel (tendon injury timing was just wrong). Enjoy the day out there!


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