Sunday, July 15, 2012

65 Miles At Hardrock

Hey all,
it's been a busy two days here in Silverton, haven't had a chance to update on here.

I dropped at Mile 65, the Grouse Gulch Aid Station.

I'm okay with that, but I am still disapointed.   I really don't subscribe to the "way to go, you did 65 miles, that's awesome" mind set.  Because the race is 100 Miles.  If this had been the Hardrock 65, then I would be satsified.

But, on the other hand, this is Hardrock.  Hardest thing I have ever done.  Hardest run (it's not a race) I've ever done.

Never encountered mountains like these before.

Never glissaded down a loose bed of shale (called scree)  down a mountain.  Never looked over a rock ledge wondering if I was on trail or at the edge of a cliff.

Never had several moments of sheer terror on a trail-which, once I lived and got down safely, found it awesome!

Never went from being overheated and hypothermic in the same hour.

I've got no epic tale of woe or drama for dropping.

What happened to me can happen to anyone in an ultra.

I got behind in calories.  5 miles to the next aid station might mean you have to climb a 12 or 13,000 foot mountain in between.  Also got behind on water, which helped with the energy deficit.

The wheels started falling off around Ouray, mile 40. I had a big climb, and was way behind in calories and water.  By the time I made Engineer Aid Station, the sleep deprivation kicked in. 

I made it to Grouse Gulch, mile 65, with about 20 minutes to the cut off.  But I needed a nap, and had to climb Handies Peak, a 14'er (14000 foot mountain) next.  I decided to drop there, rather than time out on the other side of Handies, which would have taken me a very long time to climb.

I'll write a nice detailed report later this week complete with pictures.

I won't be back next year, but I am definitely wanting to get my Hardrock finish.  It's just almost hard to relate, the situations and conditions.  It is certainly as advertised:  "WILD AND TOUGH".


  1. kim, thanks for the update...the outcome is not as you wished, but i bet you wouldn't trade the experience. next time!!
    "If this had been the Hardrock 65, then I would be satisfied." -> yi hear you; it's STILL 65 completed miles!
    looking forward to your race report and photos.
    way. to. go.

  2. I was super bummed when I saw on the website that you were pulled/dropped. I'm glad you're ok and are good to tackle it again. Sounds like you had an amazing experience. In the end, that's what it's all about anyway. Chin up and be proud that you were even brave enough to toe the line.

  3. Felt bad when I saw you didn't make it to the finish but I can't wait to read a longer report to learn from your mistakes. Not that I intend to ever attempt Hardrock, but I figure your Hardrock could be my MMT. My big question though is, would you do it again?

  4. Neil,
    Yes, I want to go back. Not in 2013, since I promised my spouse I would not. But yes, I want to get my HR finish.

  5. Kim..I followed you on the live feed and was sad to see you dropped, you did an awesome job coming from Ohio elevation..a trip of a lifetime :) I am pretty sure I am going to sign up for the WV Trilogy, but only the 50k..are you thinking of doing any of it?


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