Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day Two Running in th Eagle Nest Wilderness Area

Shubi and I travelled over to Frisco, to meet up with Sean Andrich, who was out for the week at his place in  Frisco.  Sean is another VHTRC'er and accomplished athlete (whether he thinks so or not..) past winner of the MMT 100, top five at Zane get the picture.  (Faster than me, ok!! :) )

Sean Andrich  
Sean and Bill get the map out and start planning some sort of trail adventure. I'm listening to them carefully, because my speed and their speed are not going to match up. Our first route is planned out at 26 miles.  Then, after looking more carefully at the map, the route actually panned out for 14 miles.  Good, that works much better for me.

We take the free shuttle bus down to the Copper Ski Resort where we can pick up the  Gore Range Trail head.

We start down the trail and the boys are Gone!!  That's fine.  I'm having a slightness shortness of breath, but I am now at 9097 feet.

The guys waited up for me, and we stopped at the first small lake.

Getting up to the ridge, about 11,000 feet, every view was just freaking beautiful

My favorite far

Wait, maybe this is my favorite pic

Sean, me, Bill

Shubi demonstrating "glissade" for me

The Gore Range Trail tops out about 11,900 feet.


  1. Kimba, these last two posts are awesome. I loved the pics as well. You are so inspirational, best of luck out there and I am rooting for you!!!!

    Jay in Raleigh (currently @ the beach!)

  2. Great pictures, Kimba!


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