Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Final Countdown

I'm baking muffins.  Cheese and bacon corn muffins.  It's the final countdown.  I pick up the mini van today, and the guys arrive at the airport tomorrow.  Eric and I will pick them up, and then we shall head south to our first destination,  Leadville.

So what does muffins have to do with this?  Well, we will be sleeping in and out of the van for about five nights, and may be eating from the van too.  Which means whatever cold food we have, and hot food would be heated up via the stoves.  The fire ban is in effect in Colorado; and if you have been living under a rock, there's been some mighty big wildfires in Colorado.

I'm baking some muffins for both the eastern newbies (me, Cam, Slim, and Eric) and the Western boys (Shubi and Gombu).  I've also got 18 eggs to boil, so we have an easy protein to have-any time of the day.  It seems that hiking/running in the mountains here makes me more hungry!

After I leave the bunker here, not sure how much blogging will be done until we hit Silverton next week.  If we are in a town somewhere it probably will be more important to be shopping and eating.  There may be a random photo via the phone onto the blog if reception works.

Today I drag all my gear out and repack it for van camping.  This means I just need to sort it out for the items I will need day to day-like sleeping bag, hammock, clothes, socks to be readily accessible, and race stuff (like drop bags, other race supplies) can go to the bottom of the duffel bag.

Today's adventure will be a local one.  In fact, I think I am going to keep it at a hike, and just go over to summit Mt Evergreen, which is about a 6 mile loop back to the house.  The legs have been getting quite the workout, and I'm a bit tired, so no need to over do it.  I do need to get a good stretching session in today, before we get all cooped up in a van.

So, some more pics coming soon from Mt Evergreen!


  1. Kim - if I don't get a chance to say so later, good luck and have a great time at Hardrock. I really envy the journey you're about to go through.

  2. How long do you think a few Bacon/Corn muffins with Cheese will last with the three BOYZZZ that you will be hanging with will last?

    Baby Sasquatch will eat a dozen of them in one sitting, and will be hungry 5 minutes later...

    You better make a triple batch.


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