Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hard as a Rock

So what's left?  It's July 11.  Two sleeps until race day.  I've had ups and downs.  I've had doubts-major major doubts about finishing this race.  To be realistic, I don't have that great of a chance of finishing.  I'm not trying to sandbag here, or look for excuses.  About 59% of the field usually finishes.

So then, why, am I here?

Because..several reasons.   I believe there was a reason my ticket was pulled last December, on the luck of a first time entry.  It was my time to run Hardrock, whether I felt I should have more experience or time under my belt.

Because I want to be here.  I've gotten rather irritated (and I hope it wasn't showing because these folks didn't mean it) at people asking me if my husband was running.  " No, I am running"  I have repeated at least a few times.   Screw it if I don't look like your traditional skinny ass ultra runner.   I ran my qualifiying race, in a solid time, and I got picked.  There are 19 females out of the field of 140.  Women can run ultras.  Diane Finkel has almost won HR outright. 

I will also say I am scared.  And thrilled all at the same time.  This is the hardest thing I have ever attempted.  It's going to take every bit of my mental toughness and will and every ounce of my physical ability to do this.  Out of the two sides, it's the physical that is the weakest.  My mind cannot drag me over the tops of 13000 mountain peaks.  I have to be able to stay ahead of the cut offs, keep a positive attitude, don't let my emotions get the best of me, and persevere.

THANK YOU to everyone who's been leaving comments on FB and comments on the blog.  I haven't  had much time to try and even do much replying with a kind of limited internet connection, but I am very grateful for your thoughts.  Please continue to send the positive energy flow for me AND all the Hardrockers heading out on the course July 13.

It truly is going to be an epic adventure.  I have become a person who enjoys testing the boundaries and limits-and well, I think that's why my ticket was pulled December 4.  I'm getting one of the biggest tests of all.

I've had the mantra in my head all week long, so this is it for Hardrock:

 "She thought she could, so she did."


  1. sending you positive vibes and energy, kim! you go!

  2. Kim,

    I have extreme confidence in you. I don't think you can do this, I KNOW you can.

    Enjoy your time, but pour every ounce of your energy to making it to the finish line. This may be your only chance . . . don't forget that. Tomorrow is not a given. Leave it all out there.

    Best of luck,



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