Monday, July 9, 2012

Hardrock Course Recon Day One

I've been on the Hardrock Course for the past three days.

The first day, we covered from mile 48.6 to 53.9.  Typing this, it does seem like we didn't cover much distance at all.  But check out the photos during this section:

  See the shelf that Eric and Jim Harris are standing on?  That's the trail. We are on the Bear Creek National Recreation Trail through here.  The trail is literally blasted out of the mountain.  You can still see the remains of the old narrow guage rail that the cars were on.

The Hardrock Manual warns through this section "Acrophobia Exposure"..  Yes, you could certainly see this here.  Or, rather, I won't see this section, because it will be night time when I come through here.

This old house is by the Yellow Jacket Mine.  We took a few minutes to peek in.  It's certainly adequate to hunker down in, if there is a storm brewing through this section.

Slim on old remnants of mine equipment.  Old abandomed remnants of mines, mine equipment and buildings are everywhere.

We were very encouraged to see how well the trail was marked. There was really nowhere else to go, yet occasionally there would be a HR marker or confidence tape on the course.

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