Monday, July 2, 2012

Hike to Echo Lake

Eric Harris arrived last night to the NEO TC Bunker West.  Today's adventure was to the Mount Evans Wilderness Area, with a hike out to Summit Lake and back.  Elevation started out around 10,000 feet, at the Echo Lake Trail Head.

This is Eric and Gombu at the Idaho Springs Reservoir.  As we hiked around it, we entered the Mount Evans Wilderness Area.

A nice good rocky trail.  We gradually climbed to around 12000 feet.

We meant to go to the Summit Lakes, but the weather turned, as you can tell with the photo above.  See the dark clouds?  We didn't want to go any further up into the pass.

As the weather moved in, the temperature dropped, maybe twenty degrees. It was interesting to see why you needed to take various clothing with you on the trail.  If I had to stop and wait out a storm, I would need the jacket and probably pants to keep warm out there.  A good day of Hardrock lessons and a bit of acclimation to some higher elevation

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