Saturday, July 21, 2012

Post Marathon Blues

Well, that did not take very long!

The post race blues have hit. I'm antsy, bored, and frustrated.

And tired.  Perhaps the 10K around the block yesterday wasn't the best idea.  Coupled with a misinterpreted email, that didn't mean what I thought it meant, was a light night of sleep.  My cashier told me about one hour before my shift ended "that I looked really tired."

Thanks.  I felt very tired.  After lunch, the food just hit me and I was glad to get out of work.

The "post recovery marathon blues" articles instruct me that I should have had a "post run" plan in place.

Well, that would have involved the gods goodwill that I didn't fall off Grant Swamp Pass or Oscar's or Virginius and returned to the East in one piece.  I was serious when I told people at work about falling off a cliff.

So what's on the plan for the future?

Well, so much for my plan of NOT.DOING.NOTHING. I've perused a list of 100 mile races for the fall.

Nothing has really got my attention.  Well, I have one scenario.  To be announced later.

Fall  (and late summer) Plans:

YUTC Volunteer/Familiarization Run August 4.  First time back on the Mill Creek Park since the Monkey Hill Marathon..of last year.

North Country Trail Run 50 Miler August 25.  Somewhere in Michigan. I signed up for this race, like one year ago.  Before HR.  I ended up with a comp entry.  So this is my first race post HR.  And it's a 50 miler.

I'm very apathetic about this race. 

50 milers are not my forte.  But, it's after HR. And not at elevation.  I should plan on finishing this under the cut off.  I should find out where this is, in Michigan.  Maybe get a hotel room, if any are still available.
Or get ready to hang my hammock and blue tarp out there somewhere.

The Ring-Labor Day Weekend-can't make it this year.  This makes me very sad.  My first taste of the MMT rocks was the Ring Weekend.

Groundhog 50K- another great 50K.  I can't run it, since I am working that Saturday, in order to have the next Saturday off.

YUTC- our club run!!  I finagled Friday off, before the race. That will allow me and Coach Hanks to mark the course.  Saturday, September 15  is the date of the YUTC.   Eight years of the race. I won't be running it, just working the Aid Station at the Log Cabin.

Akron Marathon?  I should find out when this this the year they changed the course?  Maybe I should run a back to back on the Zoar Valley Trail, instead.

Slim Pickins-our club weekend of Fat Assness, in November.  This year we are going to Cooper's Rock, in WV.

URINEO-December 22.  Our next club FA.  I'm planning on 50 miles this year.

SO, yes, I do have some plans for the fall, but it's just "fairly normal" activity, no great epicness in the works.  Maybe that is my problem, coming back to "fairly normalcy" after my big HR trip.

So, at least typing out this post gives me several ideas to peruse..maybe not future epicness, but maybe just some plain trail fun..

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