Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I got out on the trails about 1015 am or so.  My original plan was to hike up Mt Evergreen, but Gombu pointed out the Three Sisters and The Brother to hike to in t he Alderfer/Three Sisters Park.  So I set out on my own, Eric and Gombu planning on more of a run themselves.

It was hot and sunny, and  I kept breaking from a run into a walk.  I've done 47 miles in five days here!
The mule deer are not afraid of  humans nor do they move off.  This is from about 4 feet away.

I made it over to Alderfer Park, about one mile away, and started on the hike which would lead me to The Brother overlook.

However, as I turned a corner, this is what I saw:

I decided to DNF The Brother's Climb, as it looked like the storm was heading right toward me.
So I ran the loop, which led me back to the parking lot where I started.

I sat there on the fence for at least ten or fifteen minutes, looking at the sky, trying to decide whether I should wait it out, or just return to the bunker.  I was somewhat amazed at the people-at least 10 or so, starting UP the trail with the sky so dark and blue overhead.

I decided to go back to Gombu's, and that's when the rumble of thunder started.  As I crossed a meadow, there was a huge crack of lightning, and I increased my running (YES I was running) pace.  The temp dropped and the wind kicked up.

It began HAILING.  Cold hail.  I knew I was about 1/2 mile from the house, but I got to the woods and pulled my nice eVent Jacket out and donned it.  I continued to RUN as it was pouring hail.

Another lightning crash, but at least I was in the woods.  It actually came down much harder after I got back to the house, where the hail accumulated on the ground!

Good check of my gear today, to see how quickly a blue sunny sky out here in the West can turn!


  1. Those storms are fast-moving! Glad you didn't get nailed by lightning and that your pre-Hard Rock time is going well.

  2. I'm living vicariously through your adventures of late. Good call on the weather! I'm going to have to check out this jacket you keep talking about. I head out so unprepared for the weather to change on me.

    Thanks for all the updateds on FB and posts. It is almost as good as being there...okay not even close but I'm still happy for you! Breath it all in!


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