Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Step

I had my diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound today.

No big deal, I was more annoyed with the half hour time period in Outpatient Registration.

The mammography technician was very nice.  She kept telling me, if I experience discomfort, just tell her, and we can stop.  (This refers to the boob squeezing flat on the platter.)

Actually, it was about 0.5 on a 1-10 scale. But I have big boobs.  It's much harder on the smaller chested tribe, who must get their A's and B's onto the platter and then mushed flat.  Us C and D girls?  We got plenty to heft up there. 

She asked if I had any questions, I said no.  I was very quiet and not in any sort of chatty mood.

The radiologist asked for more views, so we took 'close ups' of the two masses.  Very efficient, this, even with waiting for the radiologist to look at the films, was only about 35 minutes. 

Then on to the ultra sound, where ultra sound goop was placed on my boob, and the little ultra sound handheld went over the two lump areas.  It also didn't take too long, the ultra sound technician was very nice also. 

Then I was done. And I went to the liquor store and bought some Dogfish IPA.

The mammography technician said my doctor *should* have the results Friday, Monday at the latest.  So I shall call my doctor's office tomorrow, mid-afternoon, if they have not called me.

All I expect to hear is,   I need to have a biopsy done next.  Don't get me wrong, if the doctor says everything is GREAT  I will be very happy.  But I don't see how you could say that, without a biopsy of the lumps.

So, onto next phase, first Waiting Period.


  1. Sounds like your head is in the right spot with everything. Hope it all works out.

  2. Yep, it REALLY sucks for the B cups ...

    Fingers crossed and good wishes your way.


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