Friday, August 10, 2012

LT Challenge Saturday

I'm going up north for The Ledges Trail Challenge.  This is 18 loops of the Ledges Trail, which is 1.8 miles.

This was dreamed up by LT actually, Lloyd Thomas, but named for the Ledges Trail.

The challenge is open to any and all. If you complete, just drop a line at the email address on the LT Challenge.

It seems like I may have a few people joining me for a few loops.  That would be good.  I've had enough time to myself lately, I would like to hear some trail talk and race gossip from some others.

Hitting some different trails, for me, would also be good.

I'm wearing my Hardrock shirt tomorrow.  Yes, this violates my (and Bad Ben's) rules of race shirt etiquette.

Ben has a very amusing list of T-shirt etiquette. My main philosophy has always been:  you don't wear a shirt of a race you haven't finished.  So, if I have DNF'd a race, I've never worn the race shirt.  That's been my rule, black and white. 

I'm in a big mood of FUCK IT this week.  So I'm wearing my Hardrock shirt tomorrow. 

(Now that I have thought about it, the HR elevation profile is on the back of the shirt.  I can write in "DNF" at Grouse Gulch on the shirt, that would accommodate the 'rules etiqutte').  Or maybe I won't.  But I'm wearing the shirt. 


  1. Have fun and enjoy wearing your HR shirt! I don't believe in not wearing race shirts if you DNF. Life's too short to follow silly rules, IMO.

  2. i fully agree with wearing the shirt and writing in the DNF. perfect compromise. have fun today!


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