Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My results of my mammogram and ultra sound came back.

Good results. I think.

Impression: probably benign finding.  Recommendation: recheck in 6 months.

While I am kind of relieved, I don't like that "probably" part of the finding.

What if the "probably" isn't probably, and I find this out in six months from now?

So I am talking to the doctor's office, and they ask if I want to make an appointment to talk to the doctor.

Yes, I do. The first open appointment is....August 31.

No.  I say this is unacceptable.  They give me another date, right in the middle of my work day-no that will not work.

"Fine.  I do not want to make an appointment.  I will find another doctor."

I was not threatening, I was just stating a fact. I'm a pretty low maintenance patient; I see my doctor about two times a year;  I pay my bills on  time; I'm a compliant patient.    But I have had it with the slow turnaround.

They put me on hold.  I'm just about to hang up (I'm in the middle of work) and I am informed I have an appointment this Thursday, at 8 am.

I want to have a biopsy done of this lump. My husband concurs.  I don't want the "probably" ;  I want the definitive benign reading.

I feel like I've been hit with a ball bat today.  I think part of it is some stress relief;  yet I still have some major annoyance going on. At least I have results, and it does seem positive.

Maybe I can get my head out of my ass and unwind and relax for this upcoming race.


  1. Glad you're getting confirmation. I'm sure it's benign too, but knowledge is power!

  2. Kim - I'm glad to hear this good news. You have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot this past week. I agree with you though -- get the biopsy. Better to be sure.


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