Saturday, August 4, 2012

Run at Mill Creek Park

Today was our volunteer run/course familiarization run at Mill Creek Park, Youngstown.  I don't believe we had anyone not familiar with the course or the park today..

Evidently, I am the one not familiar enough with Mill Creek Park since I thought it would only take me 1.5 hours to drive there from my house.  I got to Akron and realized I was not going to make the "early" unofficial second start at 530 AM.  (The first unofficial start was 4 am.) I left a message with Slim, and he called back and confirmed, so the 530 group started without me.

I arrived about 605AM.  I was still in a crabby mood from Friday night, so I thought it was for the best that I was on my own.  Surely, running in MCP would lighten my mood.

I ran into Moose, and turned and ran back to our vehicles with him to wait on the group for the 8am start. Still in the crabby mood, I was not in the most talkative mood for the first mile or so.  I also could not figure out why I was leading the group. 

Then Val started asking questions about Hardrock, so I started loosening up.  I think it's a bit hard to describe the HR experience.  It's just hard to put into words, there is just no frame of reference.  But it got me chatting, so that decreased the crabby factor quite a bit.

I let most of the pack go by as we started "The Crime Against Humanity"Loop, aka the 4 mile loop around Lake Newport.  I got to share trail time with Frank and Slim for the next miles back to the Log Cabin.  The crabbiness was just about gone.

Slim had just offered a beverage to me when I shook my head and said I was going out on another loop.  Since I had not gotten my full 7.75 mile loop in before the group start, and since I was already completely drenched in sweat and smelly, and had a headache, I thought I might as well run another 7.75 mile loop!!

Slim, despite already getting his 50K in for the day, decided to go back out with me on my loop.  It was rather slow going, because now it was nearing 11am and a bit warm out.  I also have a big piece of all meat pizza laying in my belly that needs some time to absorb.

What I don't have in my belly are any sort of electroyte or salt caps!  About one mile into this loop, I lift my leg up, over a log, and instant cramping in my inner abductor muscle!  Owwwwwwwwww!! 

Wow, I never cramp.  This cramp takes about one minute or longer, to subside. Owwwwwww!! 

I have no S! Caps with me.  I usually have a bag of these, in my pack.  Slim has none, either.

I do have a Clif Bloks of the "Margarita" flavor on me, and I eat it down, despite still having the tummy full of meat pizza..I need the sodium more.  I get a few more muscle twitches on the rest of run, but nothing like that full seizing of the muscle. 

I tell Slim of my new training plan of "speedwork".  He's immediately pumped as Mongold, hearing this!  He outlines several ideas of what I can do, including the workout known as the Yasso 800's.  (I've actually heard of this and know what this is, surprise..)

So I ask Slim the biggest question about this "speedwork thing"  "how do I, as someone who has no idea of pace, figure out what pace I am running on the track?"

And he answers it, and I understand! And I won't write it here, because it probably won't be correct, and the rest of you will do what I would do, just completely skip over the rest of this paragraph..

But I "get it" and that's all that is important.  So I am going to try to do my first track workout on Wednesday morning, I sure hope the track/football/soccer/nobody team is not around.

 Slim and I finish our loop.   Slim's got 40 miles in for the day, and I've got 24 miles.  We eat cold pizza and drink beer in 90 degree heat.  My crabbiness is gone.  Thank you so much, Slim. 

What else? I'm pleasantly tired. I got trail time on one of my favorite local parks, Mill Creek Park. It's a gem of a park in the middle of Youngstown, Ohio.  I got trail time with my favorite ultra runner.  I got my long run in before my next race, the North Country Trail Run.  I got advice on my new phase of training.    NEO Trail bought me some beer and pizza.  Does it get any better?

(The only reason I can say yes, is I caught the mens 10000 m finals,as I started this blog post,  and saw Galen Rupp take 2nd in the Olympics.)

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