Thursday, August 2, 2012

Run Harder

Ok, I went for the premise of just running harder for this loop around the block.  I did this of the most part of not looking at my watch.

Weather: cool enough, about 72 degrees.

Pretty successful.  At mile 2.4, at the top of the hill, the Gump dogs were out.  I did glance at my watch, because I had to slow to a walk-about a 17.40 pace, for about 40 seconds.  The Gump dogs consist of two 70 lb Shepherd-Collie mix, and two beagle mix dogs.  They've always been relatively friendly to me, but they do tend to accost me head on, and I always slow to a walk around them.  So I would guess I lost twenty seconds or so to them.

End result: 1 hour 12 minutes.  Not bad when I just applied the "running harder" principle.

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