Thursday, August 16, 2012

Speed Session Two

Today is the day for my second session of speedwork.

I am going to take the average of my six 400 m sessions, and make my goal the average of them.

Apparently I can't do track math.  I had to be corrected on this.  LOL. I shall endeavour to run 54-55 (the math was 54.555555) 400 m, with a half-lap ( or 200 meter recovery, for you track people).

I shall do EIGHT of these, not six.

Hopefully, the band won't be having pictures taken, or the track team on the track, or the guys paving the road outside the track this week.


Temperature: 66 degrees, although it felt like 80 on the track

Distractions: guy mowing the football field, and newby cheerleaders having a practice on the track (I overheard "keep smiling until you are all the way back to the bleachers Alicia!")

Lap One 2.02  legs are sluggish, and heavy.  Okay, concentrate
Lap Two 1.54  Okay.
Lap Three 1.50  Okay!
Lap Four 1.58  Oh no, I have to poop.

I'm sure you are not supposed to take a ten minute break in the middle of your intervals, but I first climbed the track fence on my way to the portopotty (nearest) located outside the track, then decided it wasn't in my best interest to try and scale the six foot chain linked fence.  So I then ran/jogged walked quickly to the high school, and finally found the restroom. (No, I did not go to high school here, and do not attend activities here, so I had no clue where the restroom was.)

Back to the track..

Lap 5:  1.55 Something magical happened here, all of a sudden my body felt warmed up.  My arm and leg muscles felt loose and oily and pliable.  I just felt very loose and comfortable.
Lap 6: 1.50
Lap 7 1.49
Lap 8 1.49
Lap 9: 1.49  I decided to run another lap because of my break in the middle and to see if I could hold the pace again.  I felt a little spent at the end of this one and was happy to walk again.

I think it is taking me a little longer to warm up.  I think I need to work on a longer warm up-I did jog, about 15 minutes, at around a 11.30 pace.  I think I need to run a slow mile, and then maybe a faster ten minutes or so, pushing it a bit more, to get warmed up.

I felt pretty good about this session, I was concentrating well on my running the loop.  A good little session.

I like to run these speed sessions in the morning, and it has just coincided with a day off work for me.  My 50 mile race is next Saturday, August 25.    I am off next Thursday, August 23. My question is, do I complete another speedwork this close to the race?  My only goal for the race is 1) finish it 2) finish in around 12 hours.
I personally don't think my version of "speedwork" would potentially hurt me for my 50 mile race, but I would like feedback.  I probably would not do a speedwork session the week after the 50 mile race, but I  might run a 10K trail race on the following Saturday, September 1, at Cooper's Rock, WV. This race in WV would be more to just get down to the area to check out the trail systems in the area.

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