Monday, August 20, 2012

Speed work again

These were my splits from last week:



I threw out out the first lap (since I did 9 in all) and did my "track math" and now, this week splits should revolve around running a 1.46 400 meter.

I have not been able to hit any of my targeted "splits" yet for any of my sessions.  (But I have been faster than my target goal pace, overall.)

I find myself, at 200 meters, at 1.01 or 1.03, so then I run *faster* for the second half of the loop, trying to hit my target.

When I am running these, I just run them.  I hit the watch, record the result, and then mosey down the track to recover.  So I am not thinking so much.

So, I divided that 1.46 in half.  When I hit 200 meters, I need to be at 53.  Not 1.01. So I need to take it out a little more aggressively, than trying to make this up in the last 200 meters.

I still feel I have a bit (or maybe a long ways to go) on working with pace at a faster time.

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