Sunday, August 19, 2012

This week running plans

Since I have returned home from Colorado, I have found it very hard to generate enthusiasm for this week's race, The North Country Race, in Michigan.

This is no fault of the race itself. I signed up for the race, almost one year ago. There are about 30 of "us" runners, mainly female, from the central Ohio (almost Columbus) area signed up for this race.  A few veterans chatted this race up.

Sure, why not? I've not run a "marathon" length race (or more) in Michigan, and by running the 50 miler, this would give me my Michigan state marathon finish-whenever I get around to caring about those stats.

But in the meantime, Hardrock happened. And then, after HR, my *current health issues* whatever-the-hell-they-are-I-sure-dont-know occurred.

I am now left, five days out from a race that I am very apathetic about.

Do I go run it?  I've got commitments. Hotel reservations. We are actually supposed to travel to lower Michigan Thursday, hang out with friends, then all four of us (me, husband, and friends) drive up to Manistee, Michigan, still about a 4 or 6 hour drive from their place.  This would be with the expectation that I don't have any *doctor/lab appointments* to interfere.

My heart and my head is not in this race. Not yet.  I guess, if I get any sort of an answer from my tests last week, maybe that would help me structure my week in running.

I'm going to go run my regular 10K around the block tomorrow.  And yes, I will carry my cell phone, and turn it on, just *in case* the doctors office wants to call me in the morning and discuss my fate.

I may not run again,(due to work schedule)  this week, until the 50 mile race, on Saturday.  Unless I decide to do a speed workout on Thursday morning.  Unless I am doing something else, like having a biopsy done.

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