Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alternative workouts

I would have titled this "Mountain Biking" but I don't think I generated enough time on the bike to make it a proper post of its own.

I got to sleep in this morning, after an interrupted sleep of hearing the coyotes howl and yip outside; which caused my GS pup to do her own howling.

If you don't know what coyotes wailing and yipping sound it, try to imagine a high school gym of girls, where someone throws a snake into the floor.  It's a high pitch squeal almost.  The first time I heard coyotes yip, I thought there was a gang of teenagers out in my field somewhere.  There was also howling last night, along with yipping, so it was quite entertaining..unless you were trying to sleep at 2 am.

I had a nice mellow morning, got the dogs out on their hike, yanked out some thyme plants from the garden and repotted for the winter months for the house; cleaned up my AS gear and packed it for the upcoming YUTC weekend race.

Then I decided to hop on the mountain bike and ride the gravel private road on our property, and try to spin out some of the lactic acid in my legs.  Traditionally, for me, DOMS hits my legs on the second day, so since I felt pretty good, I thought a little elevated heart rate and leg excercise would be good after the Groundhog 50K.

I got off the gravel road, onto our "trail" around the estate, which included some of the pasture.

I hastily concluded I should do some brush-hogging through these fields, if I want to bike through them; the briars were tearing up my legs.

Last stop was my slack line.  The hipster has a slack line; and I was really interested in it.  It's a great work out of your core.   Since installing the slack line, I think I have been on it two or three times. One of my future podcasts shall be entitled : "Waiting for my slack line to dry".  It suffices to say, Ohio has a different dewpoint than Colorado.  
I still suck at it. I can barely get both feet on it, with a step or two before falling off.

But at least, I got my HR elevated with a little biking, got a sweat going, felt the quad muscles, so I hope to have a little less muscle soreness on Monday.

Due to work schedules, I do only have a three day work week this week, I AM looking forward to that!

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