Saturday, September 15, 2012

Home From YUTC

I will write an "Aid Station Report" probably  Monday (as I work tomorrow) but my YUTC weekend thoughts:

I had the usual post YUTC depression, where I have to leave my friends and re-enter Real Life. Sigh.

We had GREAT weather!

We trail marked Friday.  Kelli, a new member of the NEO TC, came down from up north just to see the trails and help trail mark:

Kelli and the Bunny Monkey on the Monkey Trail

For our trail marking duties, we got quite the lunch treatment, grilled steak, potatoes, mushrooms, all grilled up by Moose.

A rain fell, as we finished up marking.  This was in our favor, as the Friday night vandals were not out and it appeared that our trail markings were not touched.

Mike Dobies, in search of volunteer hours, came down from Michigan and brought beer.  We stayed up  a bit too long Friday night-wake up calls at 4 and almost 5 am a bit early, but we want to always proof (meaning check) the course for our markings, make sure nobody has messed with them.

Runners always go off course.  And I don't know how. But they do. 

A long day, working the Aid Station. I was quite hoarse and a bit stiff getting out of the vehicle. Huh? I only hiked/jogged 4 miles this morning. But  I think I sat down for about 5 minutes of the last 8 hours.

Excellent time on my feet. I saw runners finishing their first ultra. Many of them it seemed.  Some were in what looked like serious pain, others almost in tears.  One man ran across our finish line hand in hand with his cute grandchildren, so neat to see.  While it is always awesome to see the "old timers" or the folks with multiple finishes, it is a little special to see the folks break the *barrier* and finish their first ultra.  

And although maybe they were hurting (and this is an ultra, if it was easy, everyone would do it!) it seemed like everyone was coming away with a positive experience from YUTC.

And that is pretty much all we want to do with YUTC.  Have people share the trails, enjoy them, and get a good run in.  Our job is to merely support them.

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