Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hot Yoga Running

You know that kind of yoga where it is performed in the enclosed room with the temp turned up and it's humid (or I am guessing it should be humid)?  That's what my run was today.

I got my lazy butt out the door after 11 am.  It had been raining, which I was hoping for, but the rain had subsided, leaving it about 99.994% humid.  It was hot, but the extreme cloud cover kept it from being horrible.  It was, in fact, like I had wrote above, like running in a hot sauna room.

I need to do yoga.  Or I just need to stretch.  My legs have felt like they are filled with concrete.  The run today was good, the legs loosened up after three miles or so, but my hamstrings are still tight.

I did not try and push this run at all.  I think it was a good shake out run for the legs. If I can get to the stretching I think that will help.  Perhaps I can fit a short run in the morning before I go to work.

I need to do speed work this week.
 I need to look at the work schedule, and figure out which day is best. I am working an extra day this week, meaning  I work 5 days in a row (I work 10 hour shifts.)  I am thinking Wednesday morning might be my best day for this.

If I continue with the speed work, I also need to look at my fall running schedule. It feels good to say that. I was in limbo land for UA (Ugly August) it's good to know I can now plan ahead.


  1. Ahhh...Love hot yoga!!! Bikram!!! I miss it and can't wait to ge back to it ;)

    Panning ahead always feels good...Ihope you get back on your game soon...sounds like you have a plan in mind ;)

  2. I love Bikram yoga. It's the closest thing to miracle/fountain of youth. Swear.


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