Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Running Partner Wanted

Wanted: running partner, for six to ten mile runs weekly.  Would be nice to extend to 13 or 20 miles over time. Must be within 1 hour radius of my home.  Must be able to maintain my pace OR (preferably) be a slightly faster runner.

I have a four week work schedule, and my days working-and days off-differ week to week on the schedule.  This makes it rather difficult to schedule things, unless I have my little date-book in hand.

Hence part of my problem with speedwork. No, I have not abandoned it.  But I ran the 50 mile race August 25, then  I ran the Groundhog 50K Sept 8, and I haven't been able to schedule the speedwork in, amidst recovery.

At first I thought I would get my track workout in Thursday, Sept 13.  But my legs and quads are still a bit heavy from Punxy. So I think I will get back to the track Monday, September 17, my next day off from work.

When I ran the Groundhog 50K, I did not get *tired* until about mile 29 or 30.  I still had energy.  This tells me I was not exerting myself as much as I could.

I have told Mongold the same in the past month, I physically have the means to motor on, but I do not have the mental push. I could run faster,  but I don't have any little voices in my head exhorting me on.  My body can do it.  I just have to get the mind to sign on and tell the body to speed it up.

Hence, the idea of running partners. Of maybe people just running slightly faster than me.  We will see. There is a group in a town; one town over from me, that seems to do a group run on Wednesday evenings.  I think I will explore that option and see if anyone is near my pace-or slightly faster.  Even on roads.  Couldn't hurt!

I am going to see if "tomorrow" is a good day to try and speed up my 10K (which is really 10.64) around the block.  It seems like the weather may cooperate and be a bit cool.  Which may almost be *cold* in our normal, late summer context.


  1. Wish I lived locally, Kim. It'd be great to run with you. I know it's a long way for you, but is there any chance you'll be up near Cleveland next weekend for NC24?

  2. Kim,

    Where do you live? We know some of the same people. I just requested you on Facebook.


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