Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Schedules.  I need to make one soon.

Work out schedule, that is.

I'm not doing a speedwork session this morning.  That was the plan, until I woke up yesterday with some pretty lower back pain.  I don't know whether I slept funny or it is due to working 5 of the last six days, being on my feet for nine hour days.  I'm guessing it's the nine hour work days.

Yesterday I did run my 10K planned route, but the back really hurt, jarred with every step.  After working yet another shift, I took a bubble bath and pretty much went straight to bed.

This morning, it feels much better, but I'm not in the mood for speedwork. 4 miles around the block is going to have to do it.

I do have the Groundhog 50K this Saturday.  This speedwork training sessions aren't really fitting in very well with the 'tapering' and recovery from an ultra.  These days, I actually take the recovery a little more seriously than the 'tapering' portion of the training.

This is my fall running schedule:

September: Groundhog 50K
October: Self Supported 100 Mile FA
November:  Slim Pickins Weekend  (FA)
December: URINEO 50 Miler (FA)

There may be more little races thrown in there, like doing some 5K's as my speedwork sessions, but that's my fall plan.  Cost of these 4 events?  $65.  (That's the cost of the Groundhog 50K last minute entry).  If you love to run, and don't need a medal or a T-shirt, then explore some FA events.


  1. Sounds like a good plan and a cheap one too! I like that. Glad the back is feeling better. I agree that recovery becomes more and more important as time passes.

  2. Speedwork and ultras ... a challenge, definitely.
    Hope the back gets better quickly.
    Back bends almost always help. Put your hands on your lower back for suport, let your head fall back all the way (gently), lift your chest, and lean back -- always good for you.


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